About Fisticuffs

Fisticuffs Leather was an idea derived  many years ago from a need. Once an avid motorbike rider, I looked in vain for a leather cuff that would snugly fit where my riding gloves met my motorbike jacket. When I couldn’t find what I wanted, I made a leather cuff for myself. And then another and another . . . Soon friends wanted some and I began to experiment more with styles. Over time, Fisticuffs Leather became a passion project and a business.

These days, Fisticuffs Leather’s demographic covers everyone from toddlers to fashionistas to the biker I once was. But some things remain the same: All the wearable art is made from reclaimed leather such as belts, bags, and clothing, and all are individually handmade. For customers, this means that you are unlikely to find anyone with the same leather cuff as you. Some are embellished with found objects such as rivets and washers, and some with leather scraps. Others are more simple, timeless, and classic. Each is one of a kind.

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